3 Places To Visit On Your Trip To Singapore

Planning on a trip to Singapore? You have got to visit these places for an exciting experience in the city!

Merlion Park

Your trip to Singapore won’t be complete without visiting the Merlion Park! The Merlion is city’s most iconic landmark, representing the city’s humble beginnings as a fishing village.  The mythical creature also pays homage to the city’s Malay name “Singapura” which means lion city.

Merlion Park

The iconic structure was relocated in 2002 and made its home near Marina Bay. The area came to be known as Merlion Park and is the ideal spot for taking magnificent photographs of the structure. It is also a site for some truly picturesque views of the city itself. The “Merlion Cub” nearby is another statue of the mythical creature, and together with the five other Merlion monuments spread across the city, contributes to Singapore’s most famous landmark.


What’s so special about this Chinatown, you ask? Well, if you’ve ever visited China, you’ll be amazed at how close Singapore’s neighbourhood comes to it.Chinatown

From the bright red lanterns to the market on the streets and the smell of Chinese food in the air, Chinatown is one place you definitely need to visit on your trip. The busy neighbourhood is always filled with plenty of hustle and excitement as tourists and locals make their way through the area. Don’t forget to visit the Chinese Heritage Centre, the Sri Mariamman Hindu temple, and the Buddha Tooth Relic temple. If you reach early in the morning, you can even hear the drum ceremony as the day begins, or catch the closing ceremony in the evening if you visit the temple then.

The free Wi-Fi throughout the neighbourhood is an added bonus!  The Ann Siang Hill area, a little way ahead, is also home to trendy cafes and boutiques, and is definitely worth checking out.

Orchard Road

If you want to do some high end shopping in Singapore, you have to go to Orchard Road! The megacity is famous for its chic fashion and trendy designs, and Orchard Road is a shopper’s paradise when it comes to picking out the latest styles.

With 22 malls and 6 department stores within the neighbourhood, this is one of the most iconic streets in Singapore, resembling London’s Oxford Street and Hong Kong’s Nathan Road. With a range of boutiques, spas, salons, and cafes sprawled across the busy street, Orchard Road is the perfect place to go for a shopping spree. And hey, if you want to take a break from all the shopping, drop by at any of the movie theatres in the area or try a new dish at one of the restaurants!


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