Minibus and Van Transport Services in Singapore

Traveling around Singapore in large groups can be a tricky feat, especially when trying to keep everyone comfortable while maintaining punctuality. Be it for corporate transportation or city tours, Maxi Taxi offers a range of minibus and van transport services to get you from one point in Singapore to another. By hiring our minibus shuttle services, you not only get to your destination safely, but you will never have to stress about parking your vehicle in the perfect spot. With an extensive fleet of vans and minibuses available for rental, finding a private chauffeur to fulfill any of your transportation needs is made easy.

Van and Minibus Shuttle Service 

When you charter our minibus shuttle services, such as Maxi Taxi’s minibus rentals, our team of experienced and licensed drivers will transport you from any location. Whether from the airport, wedding venues, or after sightseeing around the city, the minibuses or vans you charter are equipped with the high-quality fittings that deliver on a classy ride. 

Our van and minibus drivers plan out the safest, fastest and most efficient route to send you to your destination on time. Factoring in the weather and peak traffic hours, our private van and minibus chauffeurs will consider every aspect of your travels to ensure you are never late for appointments. In addition, all our vans and minibuses are immaculately maintained and sanitised so that comfort levels remain high throughout the journey. 

Get in Touch for Minibus Rentals

At Maxi Taxi, we understand all the qualms and hassles of getting a large group of people to a specific location on time. Taking the common challenges into consideration, we deliver on our promise as the leading land transportation service provider in Singapore, by offering clients the most cost-efficient travel solutions. Our minibus rentals are a convenient option for anyone looking to get around Singapore with ease. Get in touch with us and request a quote today! Alternatively, browse through our rates and charter minibus rentals or leverage our van transport services in Singapore.

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