Pet Transport Services in Singapore

Are you worried about how to transport your furry friend to the vet, groomer, or any other location? Transporting pets around Singapore can be difficult as public transportation is often not pet-friendly. This is mainly because pets are usually banned from most buses, trains, and taxis, making it hard for pet owners who don’t own a car to transport their furry friends. In such cases, pet taxi services can provide a convenient and safe alternative for pet transportation.

Taxis Specifically to Take Your Pets Everywhere 

Hiring a pet taxi service can make things easier for you and your pet. At Maxi Taxi, we understand that your pet is an essential member of your family. As such, we provide safe and reliable pet transport services in Singapore to ensure that your furry friend and you can get where you need to go with comfort and comfort ease.

Our pet transport service offers a range of pet-friendly vehicles, like a 7-seater cab, that is spacious and comfortable for your pet, catering to all your needs. Moreover, we offer transportation services to various destinations across Singapore, and our pet taxi services can be booked for one-way trips or round trips. 

But that’s not all. Our pet taxi service is available seven days a week, and we are committed to providing safe, reliable, and affordable transportation for your furry friend. Our rates are transparent, and we provide hourly charters for all types of events and occasions.

Get in Touch for Pet Taxis in Singapore

At Maxi Taxi, we are dedicated to offering unparalleled pet transportation services. Our team of professionals is committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of both pets and pet owners alike. Our drivers have the necessary expertise to handle pets of all breeds and sizes; this guarantees that they arrive at their destination safely and on time. We also take great pride in maintaining our fleet of vehicles to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. In addition, we sanitise our vehicles regularly to provide a safe and healthy environment for your furry friend. 

To request a quote for our pet taxi services, please contact us today, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can check our rates online and book a pet taxi to take you and your furry friend anywhere across Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Taxis in Singapore

Most regular taxi companies in Singapore do not allow pets on board due to hygiene and safety concerns. While some companies may allow small pets in carriers at their discretion, it’s best to check with the taxi company before booking. Alternatively, pet taxi services like Maxi Taxi provide pet-friendly transportation options for pet owners who need to travel with their furry companions. At Maxi Taxi, our team is also committed to providing reliable and comfortable pet transportation services, ensuring the safety and comfort of both pets and pet owners.

While other vendors like Grab offer pet-friendly services like GrabPet in Singapore, there are some limitations to the services. For example, only household pets approved by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority are allowed on board, dogs must be leashed or crated during the ride, or only a maximum of two medium-sized pets or one large pet per ride. However, when Maxi Taxi’s services are engaged, you can choose from our fleet of pet taxis that best suit your needs.

The main difference between regular taxis and pet taxis is that the latter provides pet-friendly transportation services for pet owners. Pet taxi service providers like Maxi Taxi have a fleet of vehicles of different sizes to cater to different needs, ensuring the safety and comfort of both pets and pet owners during the ride.

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