Maxi Cab Booking in Singapore

In need of transport to take you from place to place? It can be simple to settle your own commuting needs but what if you have more to accommodate? To help you out, that’s where maxi cab services can come in handy to take the load off your shoulders. Especially if you’ve got more than one location to head off to, a maxi cab makes a practical solution for ultimate convenience and comfort throughout the day.

Benefits of Maxi Cab Services

If you’re planning a corporate training session, for instance, you may want to arrange transport for your employees so that everyone makes it punctually. In order to stick to the plan with minimal delays, you’ll definitely need a ride that can guarantee timely arrival, more so during peak hours. With friendly and helpful chauffeurs at your service here at Star Travel Limousines, get to your destination in no time!

From a starting rate of $55, our fleet of luxurious, smooth 4–13 seaters ensures a one-of-a-kind transport experience. Whether you require a one-off maxi cab service or a vehicle rental on a daily basis, you’ll definitely find the perfect fit that suits your needs from our wide range of packages. And with passengers who use a wheelchair in mind, rest assured our maxi cabs are designed to cater to their needs so that everyone can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.

Your Go-to for Reliable Maxi Cab Services

If this is your first time booking for your maxi cab online, it may be daunting to search from scratch and pick the right service. However, it can be a hassle-free process when you work with Star Travel Limousines, your one-stop solution for all your transportation needs in Singapore. With 24/7 professional services at your disposal, our team will help you secure your maxi cab booking in advance so you can have peace of mind. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us – we’re happy to assist you through the booking process.

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