Pet Transport Services in Singapore

In Singapore, pets are not allowed on board, making it hard for pet owners to travel everywhere easily. Unless one owns a car or has a personal acquaintance to drive them around, many have to resort to pet taxis. Even then, things might not be as stress-free. Major transportation companies might offer specific transportation services targeted toward pet owners, but there is a high possibility of a driver turning down passengers with pets because they are too afraid that these furry animals might create a mess. But look no further than Maxi Taxi for top-notch pet transport services in Singapore. Avoid rejection and booking cancellations when you hire our pet taxis!  

Why Hire a Pet Taxi?

At Maxi Taxi, our team understands how much of a hassle it can be to bring your pets for their appointments or for a little outing. Guaranteeing transport services where other regular taxis or hailing apps might fail to deliver, we offer a better alternative for pet owners who are unable to drive. Drivers of pet taxis are also pet-friendly, so you do not have to worry about disapproving looks and comments. Whether you plan on taking your dog, cat, turtle, or parrot, Maxi Taxi has the appropriate transportation solution at your disposal. 

More than a mere pet transportation service, our pet taxis also come with the essential pet accessories, seat covers, and more to cater to your pet’s needs. Parent of a large dog breed? Our 7-seater cabs are spacious enough for them to sit comfortably.  

Get in Touch for Pet Transport Services in Singapore

Maxi Taxi is committed to providing our clients with exceptional service when it comes to pet transport. Delivering reliable pet transportation services, our team goes the extra mile to ensure the safety and comfort of all pets and pet owners. In addition, our team sanitises the fleet of vehicles so that the highest standards of hygiene are maintained. Get in touch with us and request a quote today! Alternatively, browse through our rates and book a pet taxi to take you and your furry friend anywhere across Singapore.

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